Thomas S. Monson, a Prohpet of Love

I have no shortage of opinions on societal issues yet I often keep them off of social media out of respect for others. However, there is an issue involving the New York Times and the leader of the church that I choose to be a part of, that I cannot in good conscience ignore. President … Continue reading Thomas S. Monson, a Prohpet of Love

There Are No Balls In Heaven

Growing up I was heavily involved in sports. By the age of ten I had tried just about every sport that was available to me: soccer, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, volleyball - I even won a punt, pass, and kick competition. When I reached middle school my interests had narrowed down to basketball and volleyball … Continue reading There Are No Balls In Heaven

An Inconvenient Prompting

A little over 8 years ago now I received a spiritual prompting (what some might call a gut-feeling) that was extremely inconvenient. It was telling me not to do something I really wanted to do and for no obvious reason. I didn’t want to listen to this prompting but looking back, I’m so grateful I … Continue reading An Inconvenient Prompting

Can you hear me?

Re-sharing from my old blog.  This is a story that is very dear to me: “Colie?” “Colie?” “Colie, can you hear me?” The words, ‘Colie, can you hear me,’ were heard a lot when I was a young child. But not by me. Around age 2 or 3 my parents started noticing that I wasn’t … Continue reading Can you hear me?

Competitve Edge: Twist the Knife

Today I’m talking about the competitive edge. This is a topic I'm really excited to discuss because to say I’m competitive would be a giant understatement. When I was 8 years old I got my first, and only, yellow card in competition while playing in a little rec league soccer game. I was so focused … Continue reading Competitve Edge: Twist the Knife